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Myths and Facts of Retirement Living (FAQs)

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“We went for a 3 month doctors appointment and were extremely happy with all the test results that came back. This has oh so much to do with all the wonderful, special, attention and care he gets. Thanks again for everything.” (Family member J.)

“Thanks for everything you did for our Mom” (Previous resident family member-G.M.)

“Thank you for the tours and complimentary dinner we enjoyed at your facility. The Irish stew was delicious and I have to say the tea biscuit that came with it was without a doubt the best tea biscuit I have ever tasted.” (Prospective resident K.N. - Guelph)

“If there’s one thing that characterizes Heritage River most, it’s kindness, from everyone who works here. I encounter it every day and I’m very grateful for it.” (Resident- C.M.)

"In a community of elderly people, you have managed to create an atmosphere of contentment, fun, and security.  It is impressive when one realizes the effort that goes into preparing the variety of meals which are always tempting.  When residents always refer to their suites as “home” you have created something rare" T.K. (Respite)

"You are respectful, efficient, helpful and enormously kind. You are a true example of how people should be treated in a time of life when things are more fragile." K.B. (Family)

"The care and compassion which you exude and have engendered in your staff have created a powerful, positive and happy tone at Heritage River; certainly one to be envied. We feel blessed to have made Heritage our chosen home…" M.V. (Resident)

"Words can't express how grateful we are that you've made mom's stay here such a pleasant and worry-free one. She absolutely loves it here, and that's such a wonderful reflection on all of you. We are so grateful." C.N. (Family)

"I am really surprised, amazed, and delighted to find myself so happy in my new location, Heritage River. This is just the best move I could possibly have made at this time in my life—many thanks to all the staff." E.W. (Resident)

"I want to say a special thank you to all the staff…Each and every one of you were so kind and caring...Nothing was too much trouble. May all the thoughtful things you do be returned to you tenfold." J.F. (Family)

"Thank you for the extra effort by the management staff … what a wonderful place to live!" B.F. (Resident)

"We think very highly of this excellent facility and will continue to sing the praises of the outstanding staff and top notch living environment. You are very special to us." P.E. (Family)

"Thank you all so much for your care and concern. You treated my mom with dignity and grace and went MANY extra miles to help her" R.K. (Family)

Myth #1: I can't afford to live in a retirement residence.

Fact: Retirement living at Heritage River is very affordable as almost everything is included in the monthly rate. If you calculate your current expenses (rent, mortgage, property taxes, food, heat, hydro, phone etc), you will find the costs very comparable. Pension and investment income from home equity will also make moving more affordable.

Daisy Mainland Testimonial

Testimonial: "When someone says they can't afford to live at Heritage River we say to them-"Have you ever figured up how much it costs you to live in your own home or apartment for a month?" Just make a list of all your expenses for a month. There is heating, electricity or gas, insurance, water, taxes, or rent if you are in an apartment, plus house repairs and appliance replacement. Then comes food—consider how much you throw out when only cooking for one or two people. Do you eat out frequently? Besides you don't need to buy cleaning supplies or even toilet tissue!!" -Daisy Mainland - Arthur, Ontario

Myth #2: Downsizing from my own home seems overwhelming.

Fact: The residents at Heritage River are much happier and relieved with no household responsibilities. They have their own independent spacious suite and are encouraged to decorate and furnish as they would in their own style. Heritage River has community resources available that specialize in downsizing.

Daisy Mainland Testimonial

Testimonial: "Moving into a retirement home is a big change in your life. But my son helped me a lot when it came time to move. You quickly get involved and make friends and it's worth it. I just had a friend say to me last night "Myrtle, you made the right choice when you moved to Heritage River." I really feel at home here and I really enjoy it." -Myrtle Black - Fergus, Ontario

Myth #3: I'm too young for a retirement home.

Fact: At Heritage River retirement living is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. It offers freedom while maintain your independence . They provide a social environment you may not get in your own home. Retirement is about choice, so make the decision yours. Many residents say "I should have moved in sooner."

Daisy Mainland Testimonial

Testimonial: "I came here primarily because my husband needed more care than I was able to supply, as well as looking after our home, cooking, cleaning etc. We love this place and our home here, I have been able to come and go when I wanted and keep us together longer by avoiding the nursing home and hospital stays. I intend to stay here as long as I can." - Barb Stewart-Schieck - Centre Wellington, Ontario

Myth #4: It's just another retirement residence.

Fact: Heritage River is not just a Retirement Residence it is a home.

Margaret Laidlaw-Roberts Testimonial

Testimonial: "Every member of the staff is courteous and is lovingly helpful. The nursing and housekeeping staff graciously takes care of our needs. We are all encouraged to pursue our individual interests. It is impossible to have entertainment that satisfies every one of us, but the person in charge does an excellent job caring for a great variety of tastes.
There is the dining room where carefully chosen nutritious meals are served. We can make choices from a suggested list daily.
Our suites are professionally laid out and regularly cleaned. Lounging areas are popular and comfortable, with adequate space for table games and times for general conversations. Mid-morning beverages and snacks are available, they are also served mid afternoon and evening.
Descriptive words are often difficult to find, but excellence indicates the standard for Heritage River." - Margaret Laidlaw-Roberts


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