August 17, 2020

Three meals a day, every single day.   No wonder food is one of the most researched items when it comes to choosing a retirement home!  People have spent years cooking and enjoying delicious and comforting meals with their families and the standards are high.

Meal time Obstacles

As important as meal time is, seniors often face a number of obstacles when it comes to healthy eating as they get older.

  • Less appetite due to a number of physical factors
  • Trouble shopping for or preparing food
  • The isolation of eating alone

Seniors often need less food but may need MORE of certain vitamins and minerals. This can make things especially difficult when trying to maintain a healthy diet and even more important for retirement homes to offer healthy and enticing meals.  *

Dining at Heritage River Retirement Residence

We understand the complex dietary needs of today’s senior.  With health as our guiding principle, we follow that closely with a desire to please the palates of our residents with every single meal.  We offer a hot and delicious breakfast every day.  Lunch time always starts with a homemade soup followed by multiple choices and an a la carte menu as well.  Dinner hour offers 5 entree choices and a number of potatoes, rice and fresh vegetables.  Did I mention that all of this is prepared in-house, by our Red Seal chefs, with fresh and local ingredients?

The main dining room is warm and friendly with multiple times for seating and full table service for both lunch and dinner. Our cozy breakfast dining room can be found smelling of fresh coffee and homemade baking anytime between 7-9 a.m.  Our Bistro is also a fun place to be with special events/themes and options for those looking for a different option than the main dining room.  The seniors that still enjoy a little bit of cooking or baking from time to time can come on down to our modern activity kitchen to show off their culinary skills!

No More Misconceptions

Many people have misconceptions about retirement home dining.  The idea that the food is bland or humdrum or nothing like you used to enjoy at home is definitely not the case at Heritage River. Every effort has been taken to make sure that our dining services are something our residents look forward to, every day.

For more information about how Heritage River beats any competition with its incredible dining options, call or email today!  519-846-5350/

Reference *(Canada’s Food Guide, Dec. 11/2019







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